April 26, 2021

The Benefits of Studio Photography

After several months of thought and research, I took a leap of faith earlier this year and purchased the equipment I needed to build a home studio. Right now my studio is in a spare bedroom in my house, which has just enough space for what I need. Here's why I love it.

it allows control

...And I like control. When your session is in-studio, you don't have to worry about rain, where the sun is, or whether the wind will be blowing your hair everywhere. People's lives are so busy, too busy to be bothered with rescheduling their session when the weather doesn't work out.

Sessions are simple

The studio setting allows for a clean, simple look. It creates timeless photos. And there's an ease that comes with studio sessions. You're in one place with one setup. You create your own environment. In my studio, I like to have fun, playing music and finding connection with my clients.

You have options

Who doesn't like options? Want a white background? Ok. Think grey might be more your style? That's fine, too! You can add props or you cannot. Either way, together we can create beautiful portraits.