July 29, 2022

Luke & Julie | Forrest High School Seniors

Athlete, Portrait, Senior


First stop - the football field. Julie is a manager for the Forrest Rockets football team. I'll say it till I am blue in the face: incorporating special elements of a Senior's last year or something they have been involved with for many years is really important. I mean, it kind of makes the whole session and reiterates the purpose of capturing this time in their life.

Field of Dreams

Julie is also the starting pitcher for the Lady Rockets and led last year's team to runner-up in the state championship. It's always near and dear to my heart when I get to photograph a Lady Rocket on the Field of Dreams. Growing up playing softball in Chapel Hill, TN is not to be taken fro granted. This small town truly pours everything it has into the softball program. You don't hear that often.


Next, we headed to South 40. I. Love. South. 40. It has so many options for different shots and ideas. We spent more time there than we meant to because we were having too much fun with all the settings. We started with Luke and his dogs in the creek, which was a nice break from the heat. Luke has a great sense of humor, and is down for most anything. He had some good ideas for his photos and even let me take some silly ones. My favorite part is that he brought his truck and his puppies. Oh, the puppies.


Once we got Julie off the softball field, she shared some time with Luke at South 40. We played in the creek, roamed the fields, and found ourselves some beautiful flowers and a pond. Poor Julie started to get hangry, LOL. Hey, it happens! But she was such a trooper and finished strong for her mom...and then went to Chick-Fil-A.

Sibling Love