October 24, 2021

Ali | Middle Tennessee Senior - Franklin Christian Academy

Senior, Portrait

Downtown franklin

I had a blast with Ali during her sunrise Senior portrait session. We met in front of the old courthouse in downtown Franklin, TN at 6:45 a.m., just before the sun started to make an appearance. This area of Franklin is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. It's beautiful, quiet, and filled with shopping and good food. To find out more, visit https://downtownfranklintn.com/.

first things first

Before traffic picked up, we got right in the middle of the street! It's definitely a must for portraits in Downtown Franklin. A statue unveiling was scheduled for a couple hours after our shoot, so there were SO MANY orange cones everywhere. Thank God for editing tools, right?! It was also important to incorporate Ali's love for cheer in her portraits. I love, love, love creating portraits that reflect what my subject loves and who they are. So, of course, we got some shots of Ali with her pom poms, along with a couple other cheer props.

old courthouse

Here are some shots at the old courthouse. I love the large steps and big columns. There's such a historic feel. My dad and step-mom used to work for the county, and my step-mom retired from the courthouse after 30 years! So, I have some roots in this old building. Ali's mom, Sara, had the idea of taking the photo with the monument in the background. I'm so glad she mentioned it - it turned out to be a great shot!

the red house

At this point, Sara was mine and Ali's Uber, LOL. I mean, really...she drove us around the area and dropped us off at each location. First stop: The Red House. Again, I have some memories at this place. My sister was married here! I also did some of her engagement photos in this same spot as well :) I love the stone steps; they are some of my favorites! The sidewalk with the white fence, it just gives a quaint and cute feel. These were some of my favorite shots from the whole session. And might I add that Ali could smile, give straight face, twirl, and laugh all at the drop of a dime! Every instruction I gave her she just dove right in.

the harpeth franklin downtown

This next stop was also Sara's idea. The Harpeth is new to Downtown Franklin, and it is gorgeous! I had never seen it before. They have a cute room just off the lobby for guests to hang out in with beautiful furniture and large bookshelves. They also have a courtyard area that looks like something out of a movie with the grand staircase. I really hope I can do more shoots here - it was amazing.

last stop

Lastly, we stopped in a small corner of Franklin and got some shots outside some upscale townhomes. As we were shooting by the homes, I noticed the garage door across the street. I love color and pretty-ness, but I also love a good grungy garage door. Ali was up for it, so we got some great shots that were a little different from the rest of the session. We all loved the brick that was on a small building just a few feet away, so we finished off at the brick building. "Look at the Bentley and laugh." That's how we ended, and it couldn't have been better.