November 3, 2021

Tips for Your Senior Session

Portrait, Senior

have your hair and makeup professionally done

I highly recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done for your Senior portrait session. Investing in a professional will make a difference in the quality of your photos and Senior portrait experience. Hair and makeup artists are trained to fix your hair and makeup to photograph well. Also, who doesn't like being pampered and having less stress? Bonus: Don't neglect your nails! French manicures, light/natural colors, and even nails with no color photograph well.

choose your outfits wisely

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing so you can feel your best. If there's something in your closet that makes you feel self-conscious, don't bring it to your session. Don't be afraid of bright clothing that pops. Colors like red, royal blue, yellow, emerald green, bright purples, pinks, and oranges photograph beautifully. In cold months, add layers like a sweater with a flannel underneath, paired with a vest. Accessorize with statement pieces and play with different textures like furs and sparkles.

have fun

This is really the most important tip. Be yourself and enjoy the experience. Because that's what it is - this is the only Senior year you get, so let go and have fun celebrating you and this milestone! Let me do all the work.