January 3, 2022

Hello, 2022! | Portrait Photography - Middle Tennessee

Portrait, Senior

2021 Recap

This past year was really amazing. I can't begin to tell you how much I learned and how much my business changed. It started with hiring my first business coach. Chelsea helped me find my footing in the photography world again when I felt burnt out and ready to call it quits. Instead, I changed direction and realized that I am not exempt from dreaming and working to carry out those dreams. "Why not me?" became the question I started asking myself. My zeal for my business was back, and from there I never took my foot off the gas.

I started focusing more on athletes and Seniors. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know this is where my heart is. The families I have photographed over the years mean a lot to me and always will, but these athletes and Seniors have me wrapped around their fingers.

I have continued to find people who are smarter than me and learn from them. I signed up for Christy Wright's Business Boutique Academy, even attending the live conference here in Nashville. This year I have invested so much in my business and in myself - I am really excited for 2022.

social media break

I took a much-needed social media break for two weeks over the holidays. Though I was learning a lot from different people, I was really overwhelmed by social media. Not only by all the content thrown in my face, but also trying to keep up with my own accounts and post adequately. It was so important for me to take a break from all the outside voices. I needed to pause, pray, and plan, as Christy Wright puts it. And that's what I did. I took a step back, spent time with God, and started making plans for 2022. I significantly decreased who I follow on social media. Now I see only the content I really want to see, and it's enough that my little brain can handle.

what's ahead in 2022

I have big dreams for 2022. I will continue learning from people who are better at this than I am. I will continue investing in myself and my business. I even have something up my sleeve that's not photography related. My entrepreneurial spirit just can't be tamed!

Thank you so much for believing in me and supporting me. I'm just a girl in this big world trying to leave a little blip of change in my tracks, change that I hope glorifies God and brings everyone I come in contact with closer to Him.

Maya Angelou says this: Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

I pray that I am wildly successful.