January 17, 2022

Addison | Middle Tennessee Senior Athlete - Forrest High School

Senior, Portrait, Athlete

Addison's session is the perfect example of the Senior experience I offer. She is a multi-sport athlete, and we were able to get shots from each sport, studio portraits, and formal portraits all done within a few hours.

Addison's portrait are BEAUTIFUL, and she made my job easier by having her hair and makeup professionally done, which, to be honest, is part of the experience as well! I provide a wardrobe guide to each client, and Addison did a fantastic job of sticking to it. She did so well, in fact, that a few of her photos are now in the wardrobe guide :) I also like to spend 10-15 minutes at the beginning of each session deciding on outfits and jewelry with you to make sure we have a solid game plan moving forward.

Let's dive in!

sports portraits

Addison plays basketball, soccer, and softball. We started at the basketball gym at her high school and worked our way to the soccer and softball fields. Senior pictures don't have to be the same ole, same ole - they can be fun with variety!

studio portraits

Next, we went to the studio for some shots. This piece doesn't take long, maybe half an hour. We even ended up with some surprise photos we didn't have planned! I bet you can pick those out.

formal portraits

To top off the session, we headed to my favorite venue South 40 Farm, located in Franklin, TN. South 40 has so many options for portraits: creek, open fields, barn, pond, vintage cars and (my favorite) the white room. We utilized every bit of it.

See! Your Senior portrait session can be unique to you and so much fun. These photos I have posted don't even scratch the surface of the amount of images I put in Addison's gallery.

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