May 10, 2021

"Your camera takes such good pictures!"

“Your camera takes such good pictures!”

Thanks - I taught it everything it knows.

Professional photographers spend a lot of time perfecting their craft, and that includes knowing their camera well and knowing how to handle lighting situations. In photography, there is such a thing as the Exposure Triangle, comprised of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We have to understand this (and much more) to create beautiful photos. And it’s not just about the camera or lens.

Harsh Sunlight

Harsh sunlight can be difficult to shoot in. If I don’t set my camera correctly, my subject will be washed out. If I don’t pose my subjects correctly, there will be “hot spots.” Oftentimes I try to find open shade to work with, which keeps everything even. There’s a little trick I learned as well - when the sun is bright and there’s a shadow from a building or tree or whatever, place your subject about three steps inside that shadow. They’re perfectly positioned for beautiful backlighting. My camera wouldn’t know to do that.

Action Photography

I shoot a lot of action shots for different sports teams. Getting shots at a basketball game inside a crappy-lit gym is much different than getting shots outside at a well-lit softball or soccer game. If I don’t set my camera correctly, everything will be a blur or too dark.

Studio Lighting

I love the studio, and it has been a lot to learn. Again, I am telling the camera what to do so it can then tell the transmitter who then tells two flashes that aren’t attached. Kind of reminds me of that game you play at school when you’re a kid, whispering something to someone and then they repeat what they heard to the next person and so on. You have to hope the flashes hear the same thing I told the camera. 

So, next time you’re searching for a photographer, remember how hard they work to get the beautiful photos you see on their website or social media pages. Remember the dedication they have put into and continue to put into their work. There are so many great cameras out there, even great ones on iPhones. But it takes knowledge and passion to create something special for you.